Relaunching the Hawke Holiday Experience…

… because there isn’t a Hawke x 4 any more, since both Peter and Malcolm have passed on to the Great Airport Lounge in the sky – probably to check in for afterlife climes in Africa. Or Austria. Or Greece. Or Scandinavian perhaps? Maybe the Shropshire Ring (canals)?

Once thing is for certain – Malcolm would not be queuing up for any Disney resorts (except perhaps the Cruise Lines?) but of course Peter was a lifetime card carrier for all things Mousey, so lets hope there’s plenty of theme park action up there.

This blog has been going for a while now, about 18 months, and started off as a diary for Pete’s weight loss surgery journey (the only two posts have been left up as they’re the only ones he was around to see or write). So, now he’s gone to join Malcolm ‘upstairs’ and I’ve decided I’m no longer going to go through WLS myself, this is the time to think about what we’re going to use this blog for.

What better tribute to a former travel agent and holiday super-geek than to have a memorial to all the wonderful places we visited together, to relive and share those good times once again. Spread the joy I say! 😀 Anyway, to kick things off I’ll be posting the Eulogy I wrote for Pete’s funeral over on the blog page, which included a lot reminiscences about his time in the travel industry and all of the above-mentioned places. I’m hoping I’ll be joined on here occasionally be the other surviving Hawke x 4 trekee – my sister-in-law Janine. Also some honorary Hawkes who travelled with us all – David Voyce and Linda Mavin and other friends who dropped in from time to time in the Home Counties or back down here in the West Country – because downtime with Pete was really yet another holiday in his sunny, funny world.

I hope you’ll enjoy dropping by and remembering with me, or getting to know my lovely hubby and his big brother if you never met them 🙂


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